Portsea Polo | Postponed until 7th January 2023

Portsea Polo Announcement

— Event Postponed to 14th January 2023 —

The PoloX Board, owners of Portsea Polo, hereby announce that the running of the 2022 Portsea Polo has been postponed until 14th January 2023.

The PoloX team have been working hard all year to prepare for the staging of the 2022 Portsea Polo.

The PoloX Board made its decision after carefully considering all available information leading to the only reasonable conclusion that the Event must be postponed. The ongoing uncertainty and substantial risk in operating a Major Event in the current Victorian COVID climate could not be overcome with any meaningful certainty.

PoloX have a responsibility to our guests and sponsor partners to stage an event that is safe and operates to everyone’s expectations. The challenges of ongoing COVID restrictions and related operational limitations lead the Board to conclude that the Event, if indeed permissible in January 2022, will not portray a true representation of what we promise our guests and partners.

PoloX are disappointed to miss 2022 however there is great enthusiasm from all of our stakeholders and partners for Portsea Polo 2023.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023 and greatly appreciate your support to date. To stay updated, please sign up.

All the best,

Tim Purton-Smith

Portsea Polo | Postponed until 14 January 2023

We will be back with a brand new Portsea Polo in January 2023!

Relive the memories, view our 2020 event